BMS Charger Protection Board for 3S 40A


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BMS Charger Protection Board for 3S
(with self-recovery function – AUTO Recovery) Scope of application: Lithium battery with nominal voltage of 3.6V and 3.7V (including 18650, 26650 and lithium polymer)
suit for start current within 80A and power within135W motor
Maximum continuous discharge current :40A ( note cooling )
Max charge current :20A

This is a safer and power saving battery automatic charging power control board.

Tiny module, but with larger current, high accuracy, well protection function. The default Starting Voltage is 10.5V-11.5V, Shutdown Voltage is 14.4V-14.8V.



How to Use Battery Charging Power Control Board?

When the battery voltage falls to the range of 10.5-11.5V (low voltage adjustable), then the protection board will automatically charge again; when the power off voltage is in the range of 14.4-14.8V, the protection board will stop charging (high voltage adjustable). During the charging process, the red lamp is on; when it is fully charged, red lamp is off. When the relay disconnects, 220V input port will end charging so as to save the energy

When first starts charging test, please discharge the storage battery. If you connect the battery, and the red lamp is off immediately and the relay disconnects, please contact us and do not adjust the potentiometer in person, or it won’t restore to normal status.


  • It’ll be charged automatically when the voltage is lower to 10.5V-11.5V, while it’ll stop charging when the voltage is 14.4V-14.8V
  • Indicator LED light is provided: The light will be red when it’s charging, while is off when the charging is over
  • The max. of transformer is 2KW,. the battery can detect the high and low level through the protection board to manage the charging


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