USB Digispark ATtiny85 Developing Board


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Attiny85 Programmer Development Board Backing for the Arduino IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux)

Force by means of USB or External Source – 5V or 7 – 35V (programmed choice)

On-board 500ma 5V Regulator

Worked in USB(and sequential investigating)

Attiny85 Programmer Development Board 6 I/O Pins (2 are utilized for USB just if your program effectively conveys over USB else you can utilize every one of the 6 regardless of whether you are modifying through USB)

How do I program my ATtiny85?
2. Program the ATtiny85 with Arduino
  1. Go into your Arduino IDE under Tools > Board.
  2. Select the option under that says ATtiny25/45/85.
  3. Under Tools, select Processor: ATtiny85 and the Clock: Internal 1 MHz. …
  4. Change the Programmer setting to USBtinyISP.
  5. When you’re ready to upload, plug the ATtiny85 into the dedicated socket.
How do you use tiny AVR programmer?
The Tiny AVR Programmer plugs directly into your USB port and provides a programming socket for the ATTiny45 and 85. Just slot an ATTiny into the socket, plug the programmer into your USB port and start up the Arduino IDE.

8k Flash Memory (about 6K after bootloader)

I2C and SPI(vis USI)

PWM on 3 pins (progressively conceivable with Software PWM)

ADC on 4 pins

Force LED and Test/Status LED (on Pin0)

Weight: 4g

Micro USB Digispark ATTINY85 Mini USB Development Board


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