Mild Steel NUT & BOLTS Screw Round Cross Bolt




  1. Can be used in electronic and woodworking and other industries.
  2. The set includes different sizes of these tools to meet your different needs.
  3. They are integrated in a box,portable and convenient to access and store.
  4. Delicate and practical, high hardness, firm and strong.

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M3 x 6mm, M3 x 8mm, M3 x 10mm, M3 X 12mm, M3 x15mm, M3 x 20mm, M3 x 25mm, M3 x 30mm, M3 X 40mm, M4 x 6mm, M4 x 8mm, M4 x 10mm, M4 x 12mm, M4 x 15mm, M4 x 20mm, M4 x 25mm, M4 x 30mm, M5 x 8mm, M5 x 10mm, M5 X 12mm, M5 x 15mm, M5 x 20mm, M5 x 25mm, M5 x 30mm, M6 x 20mm, M6 x 25mm


Only Screw, With Nut & Washer


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