300W DC12-48V CNC Spindle Motor Mount Bracket 24V 36V For Engraving Carving


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300W CNC spindle motor High speed with mount bracket. In machine tools, a spindle is a rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its heart. The shaft itself is called a spindle, but also, in shop-floor practice, the word often is used metonymically to refer to the entire rotary unit, including not only the shaft itself, but its bearings and anything attached to it (chuck, etc.).

300W spindle motor with bracket mount and screws.
Spindle motor: new air-cooled DC motor
Applications: CNC Engraving machines
Working voltage: 12-48VDC
Power: 300W
Current: Maximum current is 6A
Speed: 3000-12000r / min (12V-3000 turn, 24V-6000 turn, 36V-9000 turn, 48V-12000 rpm)
Torque: 400mN.m
Absolute temperature rise: 15 degrees Celsius
Insulation resistance: greater than 2 megohms
Insulation Dielectric Strength: 400V
Diameter: 52mm
Chuck part length: Arbor part 35mm, (including nut and sandwich 52mm)
Using a wrench: 13/17 wrench
Total motor length: 175mm (including clamping parts and motor)
Spindle weight: 0.8KG
Spindle radial runout of about 0.01mm.
Can be used for engraving metal or non-metallic materials.

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Package contains:


1: 300W spindle motor
2: Motor mount and screws


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