DIY Master Engraver CNC 3030 Simple and Speedy with 10w laser Module

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Un-Assembled-Technical information DIY Laser Engraver CNC:

Work Surface: 300x300mm

Rapid Move Speed: 2000mm/s

Led built-in: Yes

Air assist: Yes

PWM module: Yes

Limit switch: Yes

Laser: 10W (Blue Light 450nm)

Step motor: Nema 17 (Brand “StepperOnline” 42x42x34mm)

Machine size: Wide= 425mm, Deep= 360mm, Heigh= 151mm

Glasses Protection: Compatible with Blue-Purple Laser Light, between 200-540nm

Important DIY Laser Engraver CNC:

  • You need a USB 2.0 Type A to USB Type B Cable Angled Left (Male), because the limit switch Y will not work if you use the usb cable supplied with the Arduino

Make sur every spacers are at the same size, if not, use a sand paper to fix it. Exemple:Laser Diode Spacers = x3 4mm, Inferior Pulley Spacer = x1 5,80mm and so on…

How I Designed This

DIY UN-ASSEMBLED-Materials Package Include:
(x1) Aluminium V-Slot 20x20mm, Length 350mm

(x1) V-Slot 20x40mm, Length 350mm

(x1) 10w Laser Diode, PWM Module and DC Step Down

(x8) Screw M2x4mm

(x4) Screw M2x8mm For Limit Switch

(x6) Screw M3x5mm (Only For 3D Printed T-Nuts)

(x2) Screw M3x5mm For the GT2 Belt Holder

(x4) Screw M3x10mm For Fixing The Y Motor

(x3) Screw M3x12mm For Fixing The Laser Diode

(x4) Screw M3x30mm For X Motor Spacer

(x2) Screw M3x30mm For Y Limit Switch Holder (Screwed Directly Under The Y Motor)

(x8) Screw M5x30mm For The X Pulley, X Trolley Wheels And Fixing Front And Rear Feet

(x4) Screw M5x50mm Y Trolley Wheels

(x1) Arduino Uno

(x1) CNC Shield V3

(x2) Driver A4988

(x2) Resistance 4,7k Ohm (i used 5k Ohm) For limit Switch Wiring

(x2) Ceramic Capacitor 100uf For limit Switch Wiring

(x7) V-Slot Wheel

(x4) M5 Knurled Nuts

(x8) Self-Locking Nuts

(x2) Limit Switch Model 10T85u

(x1) GT2 Pulley

(x2) Nema 17 Pulley

(x2) GT2 Belt

(x1) Nylon Sleeving 4mm

(x1) Nylon Sleeving 10mm

(5x) Zip Tie

(x1) LED Strip

(x6) “3D Printed or Metal” M3 T Nuts

(1x) Tap wrench

(1x) 2.0 Type A to USB Type B Cable Angled Left Male

10W/5500mW Laser Module Laser Head 450nm Blue Lase for Laser Engraving Machine Wood Marking Cutting Tool

Additional information


Without Laser, With 10W Laser, Drawing Plotter Pen holder


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