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Product Description:

ACS712 Current Sensor ModuleTELC-05B 5A Module Current Sensor Module For Arduino

Description : 

The current sensor model : ACS712ELC
5v power supply, Onboard power light indicator
Module can measure +5 or -5 current, corresponding to the analog output of 185 mv/A
When no current through the test, the output voltage is the VCC/ 2
Size of the PCB board : 31 x13 (mm) (mm)

The ACS712 is a fully integrated, hall effect-based linear current sensor with 2.1kVRMS voltage isolation and a integrated low-resistance current conductor. Technical terms aside, it’s simply put forth as a current sensor that uses its conductor to calculate and measure the amount of current applied.

How does the ACS712 Current Sensor work?

Now that we’ve had an idea of what the ACS712 is capable of, we’ll take a look at its working principle. Well, when it comes to how a current sensor works, it can either be done through direct or indirect sensing. For the ACS712, it uses indirect sensing.

  • For current sensors that work by direct sensing, ohm’s law is being applied to measure the drop in voltage when flowing current is detected.

Here’s how the ACS712 work (Simplified):

  • Current flows through the onboard hall sensor circuit in its IC
  • The hall effect sensor detects the incoming current through its magnetic field generation
  • Once detected, the hall effect sensor generates a voltage proportional to its magnetic field that’s then used to measure the amount of current


ACS712 is based on the detection principle of the hall, please try to avoid magnetic effect when using.


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