XM18S XM-18S Temperature Incubator Controller LED Color Industrial Incubator Hatching Controller

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XM18S Temperature Humidity Controller  Adopt new microelectronics technology and new components
– Microcomputer chip, strong anti-interference ability, good work stability
– You can choose custom mode, the hatching mode is various, more convenient
XM-18S Specification:
1.Viewing range temperature:
0~40.5°C 2. Precision temperature measurement: ± 0.1 °C
3. Humidity Display Range: 0~99%RH
4.Control Precision Release: ±
3%RH 5. Output lines: 6 lines (primary heating, auxiliary heating, exhaust (air exchange), turn left, turn
right, humidification) 6. Output current: primary and auxiliary heating 30A, other
output 10A 7. Turning egg times: maximum 999 times
8. Turning egg cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 90 minutes)
9. The egg turning period: 0~999 seconds (default
180 seconds) 10. Cycle air exchange: 0~999 minutes (default 120 minutes)
11. Air exchange period: 0~999 seconds (default 15 seconds)
12. Length of measuring line: about 1.5 metersWorking conditions:
1. Working voltage: AC 180V-240V,50HZ
2.Relative humidity:
less than 85% 3.Ambient temperature: -20°C~70°C
4. The incubation setting consists of automatic incubation and user-defined incubation.

Package included:

   Hatching controller
   Instruction manual
    Temperature probe
    Humidity probe

Casing For M452 Temperature & Humidity Controller Transparent Acrylic Case

XM18S Temperature Humidity ControllerXM18S Temperature Humidity Controller

XM18S Temperature Humidity Controller

XM18S Temperature Humidity Controller



1 review for XM18S XM-18S Temperature Incubator Controller LED Color Industrial Incubator Hatching Controller

  1. Usman Khalid (verified owner)

    Ordered on 31May2021, received my order on 1stJune2021 (fast service).
    Product is same as described. (honest)
    I have searched many online websites and stores for this controller, and i found Multan’s Prices to be very reasonable for this product.
    (Comparatively cheap)

    [Technical] Product is working fine so far, i have tested temperature function as of now (I only heater available), and it works perfect. Although, I have received temperature tolerance to be +/- 1 DegC, but it is acceptable for me. (i had set temperature setPoint to 38DegC, The controller turn the heat source off at exactly 38DegC and start the heat source at 37.8DegC, but i have received upto 40.1DegC , this could be due to the error of Temperature sensor element or maybe a false reading)
    I have checked other connection points on the controller with a multi-meter, and all of the points seem to be working fine.

    [Problem I faced] I cannot get into the F1~F8 Settings, with the method as described in the provided manual.

    [Overall Review] If you want to make a good incubator at home, try buying this controller, because it will provide you the better ability to control the environment inside the incubator, which can be very very difficult if done manually. And provide good Insulation to the box that you are using (to avoid energy loss), by using thermo sheets, readily available in any decent hardware store. Cover with the Flour Bags for added Insulation. Provide a 4″ exhaust fan, which this controller will be operating at set intervals. Use Heating Tubes to heat up water to produce water vapors for humidity, instead of useless foggers/humidifiers. Inshah’Allah you will get a good 90 to 95% hatching rate.

    • Multan Electronics

      Thanks For Sharing Your Experiance 🙂

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