8inch AC 220V Fan Full Metal 65W Double Ball Bearing Case Industrial Axial Fan




An axial fan  8inch AC 220V Fan is one in which the extracted air is forced to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate. Centrifugal fans extract air at right angles to the intake of the fan, and spin the air outwards to the outlet by deflection and centrifugal force.

  1. Model: MODEL FP20060EX-S1-B
  2. Material: Metal
  3. Size: 200*200*60mm
  4. opening: 165*165mm.
  5. Model number: FP – 20060 ex – S1 – B
  6. Bearing structure :B: (BALL bearing)
  7. Voltage :220 ~ 240V AC.
  8. Recurrence proportion: 50/60 (Hz)
  9. Work rate: 65 (W)
  10. Move speed: 2600 (R/min)
  11. The breeze amount: 12.00 (M3/min)
  12. Commotion sound:   70dBA
  13. Wind sharp edge: infusion molding,PBT+30% glass line +VO fire resistant;
  14. Shaft bearing: high exactness and long life low commotion imported metal roller;
  15. Extraordinary edge: the enameled wire is protected with class B and has a temperature of 120c.
  16. Protection obstruction :500 megaohm or above;
  17. Voltage obstruction: spillage current 0.5mA. Protection from voltage 1500V/1 moment;
  18. Working voltage :220V (voltage run :185V ~ 245V)
  19. Utilizing surrounding temperature :- 20 ~ 75 ℃
  20. Life: 60000 hours

8inch AC 220V Fan

8inch AC 220V Fan

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