Power Adapter 24V 1A & 24 5A Power Supply

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Power supply adapter 24V 1A is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply with integral DC Injector. It provides DC power for one PoE-equipped device by “Injecting” DC power through the ethernet cable.

To get a 24 volt AC power supply it is only necessary to have an electrical device called a transformer. These devices “transform” AC voltages (they do not work for DC) from one voltage level to another. They are the chunky things on your cell phone chargers that step down the AC coming out of the wall to a level that the cell phone needs.

This is power supply adapter 24v suitable for all i 24VDC devices. Its AC plug may be changed, so please specify the type of the plug you want to use and we will send it with this AC plug.

Twenty-four volt DC power supplies require something more complex than a transformer. There are electrical circuits called “rectifiers” that consist of several parts that can transform AC to DC and adjust the voltage level at the same time. These circuits are built into devices like computers and televisions that need 24 volts of DC but have access to the 120 AC that comes from the wall.

100% New Generic and High Quality Compatible Replacement Charger Adapter
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V (Worldwide AC Input)
Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output: 24V 1A

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Package Include:

1x24v 1A adapter



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24V 1A, 24 5A


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