SinoTrack Waterproof GPS Tracker ST-901 with Battery




SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 Waterproof 3G WCDMA GSM GPS Battery Tracker Device Built-in For Car Motorcycle Vehicle Free Remote Controlled Web APP

Difference Between 2G and 3G

3G Version Can’t Change IMEI
3G Version uses 3G Module support 3G WCDMA 850/900/1900 / 2100Mhz (built-in battery is 55mAh)

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901 2G Version use 2G Module support 2G GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900Mhz ((Built-in battery is 150mAh)

If your country still supports 2G network, the 2G and 3G Both versions are available in your country.

If your country already shuts down 2G network, so only 3G Version available in your country.
E.g: South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, pakistan, india etc

The Difference Between The Two Option

With Battery and Without Battery
Both are hard wired for energy power car battery.

ST-901 4PIN Tracker With Relay

This is Internal Battery GSM GPS tracker.
Only 4PIN Cable with Remote Control Relay to cut motor remotely.
Notice: 3PIN tracker does not support cut engtractorine remotely.

Cut Command Engine: 940 + password

Example: 9400000

After tracker receive the command, it will cut off the motor and send again SMS “SET” OK ”

Recover Command Engine: 941 + password

Example: 9410000

After tracker receive the command, but it will recover motor and send again SMS “SET” OK ”

How to install tracker

Orange wire connect ACC Black wire connect power – Red wire connect power +

How to Login Platform

Choose Server SinoTrackPro User:ID number on device Pass:123456(please change it after you received device) Website:

How to Activate Online Tracking

Send SMS configure the tracker(set IP and APN) to connect platform, the IP:, more info please check the user manual. please send 3 SMS to tracker below: SMS1:7100000 SMS2:8040000 8090 SMS3:8030000 APN APNuser APNpassword(if APN need user and pass) the APN is Acess Point Network of SIM card,if you don’n know APN, please check it with your SIM card operator.or check the apn from here for reference.

Item Specification

This link is 3G version only. The built battery is 55mAh.

Item Pictures

Please identify products with SinoTrack LOGO, this is the Original SinoTrack Product.

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901

Website Tracking Software


SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901

Mobile APP

APP name: SinoTrack PRO You can download form APP Store(IOS) or Google Play(Android)

SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-901


GSM GPS ST-900 Vehicle GPS Systems With Free Software Platform


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