VANWEI VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS Navigation Module Google Earth

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VANWEI VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS is a complete GPS receiver. Built-in satellite receiver antenna, satellite receiver core using the most advanced core UBLOX positioned to provide highly accurate positioning information, it is also able to meet the stringent requirements of industrial positioning and personal use as needed. Scope from the car navigation, security systems, map making and survey to agricultural uses. Built-in button-type battery for storing satellite data such as satellite signal status, location and time of the last previously used to increase the positioning speed boot time. Built-in WAAS / EGNOS demodulator without additional hardware can receive WAAS / EGNOS signals. Support NMEA0183 3.01 version of the output data format.

Feature of VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS:

Electrical properties of the interface: Wide voltage range: the main power supply is + 3 3 V ~ + 5 V
Operating temperature: – 4 0 ℃ t o + 8 5 ℃

C / A code, 1.023 MHz band receiving stream: L1 [575.42MHz]
Receive Channel: 56CH

Positioning performance
<2.5m [Autonomous] [50%]
<2 m [SBAS]
Rate: <0.1m / s
Direction: <0.5 Degrees
Timing accuracy: 30ns
Reference coordinate system: WGS-84
The maximum height of altitude: 50,000 m
Maximum speed: 500 m / s

Package included:

1 x VK-162 GPS Navigation Module Support Google Earth


VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS

VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS

VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS

VK-162 Notebook Usb GPS


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