4 Channel NIC2262/2272 Wireless Remote Control


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Product Description

IC2262 / 2272-M4 4 Channel Wireless Remote Lock Receiving Board With Remote Control

1. CMOS Technology
2.  Low Power Consumption
3. Very High Noise Immunity
4. Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins
5. Up to 6 Data Pins
6. Wide Range of Operating Voltage: Vcc = 4 ~ 15 Volts
7. Single Resistor Oscillator
8. Latch or Momentary Output Type
9. Application environment: Wireless remote control switch, remote control socket, data transmission and remote control toys, anti-theft alarm host, garage doors, gates, gate, the gate door control, such as industry and its remote control sound field, etc.
 Remote Control
1. Operating voltage: DC12V (27A / 12V battery a)
2. Working Current: 10mA / 12V
3. Radiation power: 10mw /12V
4. Modulation: ASK (amplitude modulation)
5. Transmission frequency: 315MHZ (SAW frequency stabilization)
6. Transmission distance: 50-100M (no proof, the receiver sensitivity is negative 100dbm)
7. Encoder Type: Fixed code
Decoding receiver board
1. Working voltage DC5V
2. Receiver sensitivity is -98db.
3. Size: 41*22mm
4.  There are four buttons on the remote control, corresponding to the receiving board feet four data bits D0, D1, D2, D3. Press the button to transmit a signal, the corresponding data bit will output high.


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