NodeMcu V3 ESP8266 Wireless Module CP2102 & CH340

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Features NODE MCU ESP8266 Module:

  • Build on ESP8266 sdk
  • Lua core based on eLua project
  • cjson based on lua-cjson
  • File system based on spiffs
  • Easy to access wireless router
  • Based on Lua 5.1.4 (without debug, os module.)
  • Event-Drive programming preferred.
  • Build-in json, file, timer, pwm, i2c, spi, 1-wire, net, mqtt, coap, gpio, wifi, adc, uart and system api.
  • GPIO pin re-mapped, use the index to access gpio, i2c, pwm.
  • Both Integer version(less memory usage) and Float version(Default) firmware provided.
  • FLASH: 32Mbits (4M bytes)
  • Now LoLin(NodeMcu V3) can use in arduino IDE

More information NODE MCU ESP8266 Module:

  • NodeMCU Support page
  • To Flash NodeMCU board find related content here
  • NodeMCU Github link
  • NodeMcu is a tiny board, based on ESP8266, integates GPIO, PWM, IIC, 1-Wire and ADC all in one board.
  • It’s a lua based firmware for wifi-soc esp8266


  •  The ESP8266 chip requires 3.3V power supply voltage. It should not be powered with 5 volts like other arduino boards.
  •  NodeMCU ESP-12E dev board can be connected to 5Vusing micro USB connector or Vin pin available on board.
  • The I/O pins of ESP8266 communicate or input/output max 3.3V only. i.e. the pins are NOT 5V tolerant inputs.

In case you have to interface with 5V I/O pins, you need to use level conversion system (either built yourself using resistor voltage divider or using ready to use level converters
The pin mapping of NodeMCU dev board are different from those of ESP8266 GPIOs. Attached images gives mapping of pins, source of images.
More information about pins is available on following links:


Package Included:

1 X NodeMcu V3 ESP8266 Wireless module CH340



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V3 CH340, CP2102 V2

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