MP3 player Decoder Module For TF USB



Product Description

MP3 Format TF Card Decoder Amplifier Board U Disk Decoding Audio Player Module


Support MP3 format
Support U disk (tested 32G), TF card (tested 16G) Play mode; the default power mode is TF card, if TF card is not present will automatic jump to U disk mode, if both devices have installed, you can manually set the play mode.
The key can be adjusted up and down to change the music, volume + -, pause / play, mode switching.
Key settings “single / whole song” cycle, the default cycle is whole song, press the “Repeat” button to change the circulation mode.


Power range: 3.7V – 5.5V
Size: 45mm * 36mm

Key operation:

1. “Prev / V-” button: “Press” for the switch “Previous” song, long press is “volume decrease”
2. “Next / V +” button: “Press” for the switch “Next song” Song, long press is “volume increases”
3. “P / P / Mode” button: “Press” for the “Play / Pause” switch, long press for the U-diska and TF card selection
4. “Repeat” button: “Short press” for the “single / whole song” cycle (no long press function)


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