Double Sided Prototype Universal PCB Print Circuit Board 8CM x 12CM


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Double-Sided Prototype PCB Board, Your Canvas for Innovation

Step into the realm of limitless creativity with the Double-Sided Prototype Universal PCB Print Circuit Board. This compact canvas empowers you to transform your concepts into tangible reality, making it an essential tool for electronics enthusiasts, engineers, and innovators alike.

With dimensions of 8CM x 12CM, this versatile PCB board offers ample space for your intricate designs and prototypes. Its double-sided layout expands your possibilities, allowing you to interconnect components effortlessly while keeping your circuit organized and optimized.

Crafted to meet the demands of various projects, this PCB board is equipped to handle both intricate surface mount and through-hole components. Whether you’re building a sophisticated electronic device or experimenting with novel ideas, its adaptable design caters to your unique requirements.

Double-Sided Prototype PCB Print Circuit Board – Technical Specifications:

  1. Board Dimensions: 8CM x 12CM
    • Dimension Details: Compact footprint of 80mm x 120mm for versatile prototyping.
  2. Layer Configuration: Double-Sided
    • Layer Design: Supports component placement and interconnection on both sides.
  3. PCB Substrate Material: High-Quality FR-4 or Similar
    • Substrate Quality: Crafted from a reliable and durable substrate material.
  4. Traces and Copper: Well-Defined Copper Traces
    • Signal Flow: Facilitates efficient signal propagation and power distribution.
  5. Component Compatibility: Surface Mount (SMD) and Through-Hole Components
    • Component Variety: Accommodates various electronic components and configurations.
  6. Primary Application: Prototyping and Experimentation
    • Function: Designed for creating and testing early-stage electronic designs.
  7. Skill Level Adaptability: Novice to Professional
    • User Spectrum: Accessible to beginners for learning and experts for advanced projects.
  8. Design Flexibility: Versatile for Diverse Projects
    • Project Adaptation: Easily adapts to projects of varying complexities.
  9. Testing and Refinement Support: Iterative Design Capability
    • Iterative Process: Aids in refining and optimizing electronic designs through multiple iterations.
  10. Universal Compatibility: Widely Usable in Electronics Development
    • Use Cases: Suitable for educational purposes, hobbyist projects, and professional applications.


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