Dc Berral Jack Holder Easy Fix

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Dc Berral Jack Holder When you buy a plug-in power supply / charger / transformer, it usually includes an adapter so you can directly connect a pair of cables. This is useful for hobbyists and for connecting up something that doesn’t have a jack plug input.

I designed this little gizmo to anchor the adapter. Someone might find it useful.

Dc Berral Jack Holder The cable adapter pushes in from the back and then clips downwards (tight fit). It can be fixed to a surface with screws, double sided tape or glue. It prints well. Any issues, please comment (politely) and I’ll attempt a bit of modification.

I have designed a similar connector for use with Arduino. It consists of one of these connectors coupled with a similar connection for USB. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4807388


DC Barrel Power Jack Adapter Connector Male/Female Screw Terminal


  1. Printer brand:
  2. Printer:
  3. Ender 5 Pro

  4. Rafts:
  5. No
  6. Supports:
  7. No
  8. Resolution:
  9. 0.2mm
  10. Infill:
  11. 50%
  12. Filament brand:
  13. Filament color:
  14. any

  15. Filament material:
  16. PLA

  17. Notes:
  18. The single version takes just over an hour to print.

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