1604 LCD Casing and Stand in Pakistan



16×4 1604 LCD Casing Display is 16 characters wide,4 rows character module, controller (Industry-standard compatible controller),6800 4/8-bit parallel interface, single led backlight with yellow green color included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM,
This is a 16×4 LCD display blue LED backlight. This item is new and has never been used.

Specifications 16×4 1604 LCD Display:

Gather up the materials listed below: Arduino (UNO or MEGA)16×4 LCD; C164AXBSYLY6WTSolderless Breadboard Dupont Jumper Wires2.54mm-Pitch Headers10k Ohm Potentiometer Arduino IDEUSB Cable
Solder the header to the LCD module. 16 pins on total. Refer to this image for the pinouts.
Wire the circuit as shown; made it with Fritzing. The potentiometer is for varying the backlight.

Manufacturer 16×4 1604 LCD Casing:
Part Number: WH1604A-TMI-JT
Module Dimensions (mm): 87 x 60 x 13.6
LCD Type: STN Negative, Blue, Transmissive
Backlight Type: LED White
Supply voltage for logic max: 7V
Supply voltage for LCD max: 13V
Supply current type: 1.2mA (57-2240 1.5mA)
Number of characters: 16 characters x 4 lines
View area (mm): 62 x 26
Active area (mm): 56.2 x 20.8
Dot size (mm): 0.55 x 0.55
Dot pitch (mm): 0.6 x 0.6
Character size (mm): 2.95 x 4.75
Character pitch (mm): 3.55 x 5.35
Duty: 1/16
Operating temperature: –20°C to +70°C


Blue 1602 LCD 16×2 Character LCD Arduino Display For Arduino


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