Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi 3 B+



 Update May 2018 see lienbacher’s comment below for a version that will work with a Pi 3 B+, which has addition POE pins. I updated the v2.1 version on here with a larger pin cutout but don’t have a Pi 3 B+ to test with

 Added a new version (2.0) with a larger cutout for the microSD card since newer models aren’t spring loaded. I also loosened up the tolerances and tweaked the design to make it easier to print, and added a latch to the cap so the Raspberry Pi is less likely to fall out.

Simple sleeve to protect a Raspberry Pi* from falling screws. The main part of the case slides over the Raspberry Pi, and a cap fits around the connectors. The parts are only held in place by friction so it probably isn’t a good option for transport or if you frequently plug / unplug devices (mine just sits under my printer running Octoprint). Only the ports along the sides are exposed.

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