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20X4 Character LCD Casing is designed to display letters, numbers, symbols, dot matrix. This 2004A LCD Display can display 4 lines of 20 characters. Support 4-bit and 8-bit data transfer mode. Offers 5×7 matrix + cursor display mode. Providing display data buffer DDRAM, character generator CGROM and CGRAM. CGRAM can be used to store up to eight 5×8 dot matrix character font data graphic own definition. Provides a rich instruction set: clear display, cursor back to the origin, display on / off, the cursor on / off, display character blink, cursor shift, display shift and so on.

Features 20X4 Character LCD Casing:

  1. 20 characters wide, 4 rows
  2. White text on blue background
  3. Connection port is 0.1″ pitch, single row for easy breadboarding and wiring
  4. Single LED backlight with a resistor included, you can power it directly from 5V. If it’s too bright for you, it can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM and uses much less power than LCD with EL (electroluminescent) backlights
  5. Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines!
  6. The built-in character set supports English/Japanese text, see the HD44780 datasheet for the full character set
  7. Up to 8 extra characters can be created for custom glyphs or ‘foreign’ language support (like special accents)


  1. Module size(W x H x T): 98.0 x 60.0 x 14.0mm
  2. Viewing area(W x H): 76.0 x 26.0mm
  3. Character size(W x H): 2.94 x 4.74mm
  4. Dot size:(W x H): 0.54 x 0.54mm
  5. LCD type & color: STN(Blue), FSTN
  6. View angle: 6 O’clock
  7. Display type: positive / negative type
  8. Control IC & package: KS0073 or EQV, COB
  9. Operating temperature: -20°C – +70°C
  10. Storage temperature: -30°C – 80°C

2004A 20X4 LCD Module

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