Woxsn Muhafiz Over Under Voltage Protection with Volt Meter and 3 Minute Delay



Woxsn Muhafiz Over Under Voltage Protecter with Volt Meter and 3 minute Delay, Muhafiz is an automatic electronic equipment protector. This Muhafiz Under Voltage Protection meter protects your PC, Refrigerator, LED, Tv, and other electronic products. this is a protector for automatic accessories and it is also automatic electronic equipment protection.

Specifications of Woxsn Muhafiz Over Under Voltage Protecter :

  • its operating voltages are 18 to 260 Volts.
  • its under-voltage protection is almost 175V. if there are low voltages than 175V then it will trip.
  • its tripping time is 2 seconds.
  • its over-voltage protection is 260V. if there is more than 260V then it will also trip.
  • in case of load shedding, it will automatically On/ OFF after 3 minutes
  • there is a Red color button on this automatic protection. we can use this button to On this Device.
  • its current rating is 5A.
  • Digital Volt Protector voltage rating is 220V.
  • there is a “40 x 76” wire used in this device. this wire is also high quality.
  • it contains a smart voltage monitor.
  • its reset time for LCD and computer is 10 sec.


  • it protects for high and low voltages.
  • it also protects from volt fluctuation.
  • its color is white.
  • We can use it to protect LCD, TV, Computer and other electronic equipment.
  • It contains LCD for display.
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