Wire Stripper Cutter – Automatic Adjusting Tool


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Product Specification

Overall Length (Inch)12 Inch
Item Weight150 gm
Cutting Height (Millimetre)8

Item Description

This self modifying wire stripper is generally used to strip and cut the electrical protection from electric wires. It is made according to worldwide measures and reasonable for the vast majority of everyday work. Helpful in everyday stripping applications on the protection of copper/aluminum conveyor of the link.

Highlights and Specifications :

  1. Self-modifying system as per wire size give fantastic wire stripping w/o harming the transmitter.
  2. Pertinent wire stripper size: 0.5 sqmm – to – 6 sqmm
  3. Flexible stop for consistency in wire strip lengths
  4. Extremely helpful apparatus for stripping/cutting wire
  5. Programmed customizable instrument.


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