Spiral Sleeve Wire Wrap, Wire Wrapping

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Spiral Sleeve Wire Wrap are manufactured using prime virgin FDA approved raw materials, used extensively for wire insulation. Are carved out of extruded Tubing with high precision using Hi-Tech cutting mechanism and post-extrusion accessories. These are available in wide sizes range, to bind numerous sizes in a single stack, and can be easily un-winded in a re-usable fashion, to remove / repair even a single wire of the complete bunch. 

Specs of Spiral Sleeve Wire Wrap

  • Can be cut to size as required and instantly keeps cables neat and tidy.
  • Easy and fast to use.
  • Wires to encase them in the flexible casing.
  • With a single zip-like action of the supplied tool, all the cables can be tidied in seconds and neatly bundled together.
  • Keep your wires tidy and safe with this easy to apply cable tidy system. Simply run the applicator along the wires to encase them in the flexible casing.
  • Ideal for use in the home, office, workshop, garage etc.


  • Colour: Natural Translucent
  • Temperature: -20oC to +90oC

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