PCB Mini Hand Drill Full Setup


  • Processing Time 1 Day
  • Advance Payment Only
  • Color in Black And White as Your Choice
  • if You want high Power motor Dc 775 12000RPM Pcb Drill Setup Then 500Rs Extra Charges Apply


This PCB Mini Hand Drill Full Setup is the PCB mini drill. It`s my first design so if you come across some problems feel free to contact me or leave a comment. Also I am sharing my SolidWorks 2014 files so if you want you can make changes to model of your own. The motor holder part is designed to be removable, so it can be redesigned to hold another type of the motor.


M8 (13mm) nut
M8 x 130mm threaded rod (1x)
8 x 150mm rod (2x)
6 x 70mm rod (1x)
6 x 100mm rod (1x)
Spring (1x)

12v Carbon Brushed Dc Motor (1X)


Motor (39mm in height, 29mm in diameter) , or some other but the motor holder part must be changed to fit different motor ( You can find these motors in some old printers )


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