OLED Display for Arduino interface SSD1306


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Minor 128×64 is an OLED Display 4 Pin dependent on SSD1306 Display controller chip. The display is mounted on a simple to patch PCB. The SSD1306 Display interfaces to microcontrollers through an I2C sequential transport interface.

OLED Technology, Self-glowing, need no backdrop illumination (devours less vitality)

High goals: 128 * 64

Survey angle:> 160 degree

Supports various microcontrollers: Fully good with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 51 Series, MSP430 Series, STM32/2, CSR IC, and so on.

Ultra-low force utilization: full screen lit 0.08W

Working Voltage: 3.3V Nominal (1.65V to 3.3V)

Working Temperature: :- 30 ~70 celcius

Module Size: 27.0MM * 27.0MM * 4.1MM

I2C/IIC Interface, needs just 2 IO pins.

4.7k draw up resistors are required on both SDA and SCL lines.

Driver IC: SSD1306

Pixel shading: Blue


VCC (3.3V ~ 5V)




Package Includes:

1 x  OLED Display SSD1306

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