Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Temperature Humidor




High Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter Quality Hygrometer, wonderful tools for Indoor,. Also Outdoor, Home, Laboratory, Library, this thermometer can not be used in the water.

Secondly A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure the amount of water vapor in air, in soil, or in confined spaces. Modern electronic devices use temperature of condensation (called the dew point), or changes in electrical capacitance or resistance to measure humidity differences.


Type: Digital Thermometer Hygrometer
Temperature Range: -50°c – 70°c
Measuring Humidity Range: 10% RH – 99% RH
Humidity Accuracy: 5%
Humidity Display Resolution: 1% RH
Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
Operating Voltage: 1.5v, 2 x LR44 Batteries(Include)
Sampling Period: 10S
Features: LCD Display, Thermometer, Hygrometer, with A Probe
Dimension: 48mm x 28.5mm x 15.2mm/1.89″ x 1.12″ x 0.60″ (Approx.)
LCD Dimension: 40mm x 22.5mm/1.57″ x 0.89″ (Approx.)
Installation Dimensions: 46mm x 27mm x 13.5mm/1.81″ x 1.06″ x 0.53″ (Approx.)
Cable Length: 1.5m/59.06″ (Approx.)

How to use Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Meter:

  1. The cable with probe is for measurement of outdoor temperature
  2. The internal sensor inside the thermometer is for indoor temperature and humidity measurement


  • Color: as shown by photos (Real color could be a little bit different from stock photos due to screen reflection)
  • The indoor temperature and humidity display Default Celsius temperature
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1.0 ℃
  • Temperature sampling cycle: 10 seconds
  • Relative Humidity Test range: 10% -99%
  • Humidity Resolution: 1%
  • Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 5 (at room temperature 25 ℃)%
  • Size: 48 × 28.6 × 15 (mm)
  • Display resolution: 0.1 ℃
  • Display: LCD (three and a half)
  • Power: 0.15 mW under working conditions
  • Battery: 2 1.5V of LR44 button batteries
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃

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