Magnetic Micro 720 Coreless Motor for Micro Quadcopters



This motor is what you really need when you are thinking of making your own small size quadcopters, drones, Helicopter and RC planes. It is very small in size and when it comes to generating thrust to lift your flying object chassis in the air. The RPM of this motor is 48000 which is more than enough to give a lift.

It’s a perfect motor for the beginner to start with as they are very cheap as compare to the BLDC drone motor thus using this will not cost your pocket.

The name of this motor completely describes its dimensions so, let’s decode it. The first digit of this number tell us about its diameter which is 7mm in our case and the last two digits describe its height which is 20mm. So, that’s how this motor got its name 720 Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor.

Note :

720 Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor with Red and the Blue wire is CW rotation motor & Black and the White wire is CCW rotation motor.

Features :

  1. 720 Coreless motor is a High Speed and Low Torque motor.
  2. This coreless motor runs on 3.7v thus need one 1 cell lipo or lithium-ion battery.

Package Includes :

1 x 720 Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor for Drones/Quadcopters/RC – Clockwise(CW)


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