KK2 Flight Controller Case with Mounting tabs




KK2 Flight Controller Case A simple case for the KK2 multi rotor controller with mounting tabs. I’m going to make a version without the tabs as well, but that might take a few days since I’m a total noob at 3D drawing and it takes a while to get it the way I want 🙂

V1.0 of my KK2 casing is now available..KK2 Flight Controller Case

Added the requested slot for the voltage cable.
Reduced the size of the screw holes in the top of the casing and fixed a few other minor details I’ve discovered since printing V0.6

With the case “upgraded” to V1 this is no longer a “work in progress” and there will most likely not be any more changes to it.

I made some small adjustments to the buttons to accommodate the fact that the buttons on the KK2 aren’t always perfectly aligned. I’ve made the holes 0.5mm wider, 0.4mm deeper and slightly tapered and now they should work with any KK2 board straight off the printer, at least they do that with my two KK2 boards..

I’ve added symbols above the buttons on the front just for cosmetic reasons 🙂 And as promised, there is now a version without the mounting tabs.


Not much to say really.. Print it and drop your KK2 board in the case and close it up 🙂

The buttons and front may require some trimming depending on how hard you squish the first layer.

If you print one, please submit a “I made one” here on Thingiverse so I can see how it turned out.

Thank you..

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 (Atmega2560 – assembled)


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