HT-10 Thermostat Full Automatic And Multifunction Egg Incubator Control System




HT-10 Temperature Humidity Controller with Controller is widely used in hatcheries, aquariums, fish machines, aquaculture terrariums, animal breeding rooms etc. The HT-10 Multifunction Egg Incubator Controller has a waterproof sensor that can be placed in water for a long time and has a longer service life than a metal probe.


Product model:  Intelligent temperature and humidity controller

Product weight:  About 267g

Product size:  About 9.7x9x5.4cm/3.8×3.5×2.1inch

Temperature measurement range:  0-99Celsius/0-110Fahrenheit

Temperature measurement accuracy:  +/-0.1Celsius/+/-0.1Fahrenheit

Humidity measurement range:  0-99%RH

Humidity control accuracy:  +/-3%RH

Number of control output signals:  5 (temperature control,humidity control,egg turning,over-temperature,alarm)

Control output maximum load current:  temperature control < 5A/AC 220V/110V,humidity control,egg turning,over-temperature < 3A/AC 220V/110V.

Temperature measurement line length:  About 2 meters

Working voltage:  AC 220V/110V

Relative humidity:  less than 85% RH

Ambient temperature:  10Celsius-60Celsius/14-105Fahrenheit

Packing list :  1 x HT-10 Temperature Humidity Controller with Controller

  • Intelligent Controller:Digital dual thermostat (110v/220V) can be used in humid and water environments,you can use it for home brewing,refrigerators,pet feeding,reptile,tanks.
  • Wide Temperature Range:It is an on/off control mode that turns on your device one degree and turns it off another degree. The temperature measuring range is 0-99Celsius/0-110Fahrenheit.
  • Free Switching:Fahrenheit and Celsius can be switched freely. When working normally,the long button can switch to Celsius mode or Fahrenheit mode. It is user-friendly.
  • ABS Housing:This digital dual relay thermostat is made of ABS heavy-duty and flame-retardant plastics housing. Designed with compressor delay protection,alarm when the temperature exceeds the temperature limit.
  • Widely Used:The thermostat can be used for smart home and industrial equipment such as hatchery,equipment cabinet,air conditioning system,and other DIY temperature control systems.


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