ESP-8266-12E WiFi module with 9 GPIO



ESP8266 – interesting platform for WiFi enabled projects

This small board can act as WiFi module for Arduino (or other µc – Teensy, Netduino, etc) or as standalone microcontroller. With RISC processor running at 80 MHz and with 4MB Flash You can do lot interesting projects. It has 9 GPIO pins to interact with other modules (OneWire, I2C, SPI).

ESP8266-12 technical details

  • 9 GPIO ports, each PWM capable
  • RISC processor 80MHz
  • power supply 3.3V (3.6V max)
  • logic levels 3.3V
  • PCB antenna
  • 4 MB of flasg

To program ESP You will need FTDI friend or USB/Serial converter. FTDI cable 3 V will work only if You provide other power source, FTDI cable, even 3V version has 5V at it’s power line.

W also carry adapter, which has all ESP GPIO in 2.54 raster – You can plug this adapter directly into breadboard or connect standard F-M cables.

Power supply During start and in some working modes ESP takes up to 220 mA of current. Not all USB/Serial converters will provide such current. In that case You will need some separate 3.3V source to power module. More on ESP8266 current consumption topic. TL;DR: module takes from 220 mA in 802.11b mode, through 130mA – 150 mA in n or g modes to single mA in power save modes.

What can I do with ESP8266-12?

This module works as WiFi gateway for other µcs, or as standalone node. Check this example (in polish) how we did connect DS18B20 temperature sensor to ESP8266-01, and it’s sending data to

To program this module You can use LUA language, just upload nodeMCU firmware and You are ready to go 🙂

Useful links

  • nodeMCU fw on github
  • AT commands
  • ESP8266 Wiki
  • Tool for firmware uploading: ESPLORER
  • Open project SUPLA – home automation with ESP8266 and other modules

Module is great tool for application prototyping. ESP8266 chip has FCC certification, however not as this module (with PCB).


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