DIY Kit of 1.5×1.5 FT Working Area CNC Laser Engraver Machine

30,000 79,000 


CNC Laser Engraver Machine The parts and assembly are of the Openbuilds Acro Laser System for a CNC controlled laser engraver diode module for the purpose of 3D printing/laser cutting or CNC cutting the panels. It is full complete kit. it is full working un-assebled machine.

Laser cnc  it is pretty simple to figure out what else you need – e.g. 3x nema 17 motors, gt2 open belt, nuts and bolts, arduino unit with grbl, 12x Vslot wheels, 2x 2020 vslot extrusions for cross brace and 2x 2040 beams for Y-Axis, 1x 2040 for X-axis, laser module, 4x 2020 corner brackets.

Package includes shown in Picture:

CNC Laser Engraver Machine Package include laser or without laser cnc







CNC 3018,DIY Engraving Machine 15W 450nm laser engraving GRBL control

Additional information

Laser Power

Only kit, with 10W Laser, with 15W Laser, with 40W Laser


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