Brushed ESC 320A For Remote Control Car



Brushed ESC 320A Battery must be connected properly. at both ends of wiring board, the red wire is positive, black is negative. (Or connect to a standard DC battery plug.)
2, Turn on the power switch, if no signal is input, this motor will issue a “beep-beep-beep” alarm sound. When there is signal, the alarm sound stops.
3, Turn on the remote control, adjust the trimmer to the middle(both red and green light goes out). Push forward the throttle, the rc car will go forward and the green light turns on. Then pull back the throttle into the brake status. The greater the magnitude of the brake pull back , the more tight it will be. Release the throttle to middle and pull pack again, the red light turns on and the rc car goes backward.

This equipment used in electric model car, and according to the following the information of choice scope configuration.
Automatically find the center.
High-frequency drive system.
The use of low-resistance field-effect inner tube.
With forward and backward functions for car, boat.
Great budget speed control upgrade from mechanical.
Electrical parameters: support the nimh nickel cadmium battery 4-6 group (4.8-7.2 V) The Lithium battery 2 group (7.2V)
The move by lot current: forward 320 A reverse 240 A Brake 250A
The BEC output : 5.6V, 2A
Forward Current: 320A
Back Current: 240A
Voltage range :4.8-8 .4 V
PWM Frequency: 1.5KHZ
Size: 34 x 34 x 30 mm
Weight: 47g
Package size: 10 * 10 * 4cm / 4 * 4 * 1.6in
Package weight: 51g / 1.8 oz

This product CANNOT be used in humid environments.
Make sure the power is negative not reversed.
For brushed ESC of  or below, its plug current is always 1A.
Package list:
1 * 320A Brushed ESC Speed Controller /w Reverse


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