6040 CNC Machine 3 Axis Milling Machine, 6040 CNC Engraving Machine


  1. 50% Advance Payment at The time of Order.
  2. 10 Days of Processing Time.
  3. After Completion Customer Have to Pay Remaining Half Payment.
  4. Fully Working 100% With 6 month Warranty
  5. Delivery in other Cities Via Tcs (Shipping Charges Apply Separately).
  6. We will Provide Full Technical Supports.


Description of 6040 CNC 3 Axis Milling Machine, 6040 CNC Engraving Machine

The principles of CNC operation.
Movement of X, Y, Z axis are controlled by a motor which supplies either Alternating current or Direct current. Movement of the machine is done by giving commands. All the operations are carried out by codes like speed, feed, depth of cut, etc

working Area= 600mm x 400mm

Circuit Diagram:


3d printed Files


youtube Video link



1.16mm shaft 400mm=2pcs 600mm=4pcs

2. linear bearing (16mm)=12pcs

3.12mm shaft(200mm=2pcs)

4.linear bearing (12mm)=4pcs

5.nema 23 stepper motor= 4pcs

6. 8mm to 10mm shaft coupler=4pcs

7. Lead Screw 400mm =1PCS 600mm =2pcs 200mm =1pcs

8.palm router=1

9.2040 Aluminum Profile(400mm)=2pcs

10. 2080 Aluminum Profile(600mm)=2pcs 200mm=1pcs

11. Lead screw nut (10mm)=4pcs 12. bearing (10mm)=4pcs



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