Imported 56 Eggs Mini Incubator Hatcher Automatic Egg Turning Tray With Motor


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A 56 Egg Turning Tray  is a machine that creates the perfect conditions for an egg to incubate and hatch successfully. A Hatchery Egg Tray is designed to regulate incubation temperature and humidity at perfect levels. Turning motor in Automatic Egg Turning Tray does a full rotation every 2 hours depending on the settings of the controller in your incubator. Plastic Egg Tray for Incubator recreates the role that the broody hen plays in nature.


  • 56 Egg Turning Tray – Improve hatching efficiency and shelling rate.
  • It is more convenient and safe to lay eggs during hatching.
  • Application:Chickens, ducks and pigeons and other birds quail.
  • Material: High quality plastic.
  • Mini Incubator Hatcher Automatic Egg Turner.


  • Voltage: 220V motor
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approx. 43 * 41.5 * 4.6 cm/ 16.92* 16.33 * 1.81 in
  • Color: Yellow
  • Number of eggs: 56
  • Uses: Incubator accessories
  • Motor parameters:
  • 1. AC: 220V (2.5 / 3r / min)
  • 2. AC: 110V (2.5 / 3r / min)

How It Work:

Auto Egg Turner DIY kit for quails, chicken and birds. Fully Programmable

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56 Egg Turning Tray Automatic
Purpose Of Tray
56 Egg Turning Tray Automatic
The Motor Of Tray which is Operate on 220V
56 Egg Turning Tray Automatic
THE Size Of Tray L x W x H



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