3 Head Ultrasonic Mist Maker Humidifier




3 Head Ultrasonic Humidifier uses ultrasonic electronic technology to turn water molecules into mist-like molecules, which is very suitable for use in your pond, botanical garden, rockery, fish tank, vase, swimming pool, etc. It will create a magical atmosphere, and when you use this fog generator, you will find a lot of fun.

Shell material: Zinc alloy
Nozzle material: Copper
Working voltage: AC 36V
Output power: 60W
Power cord: 250cm
Atomization area: 2m²
The best working water level: The water surface is about 2.5 cm above the water level sensor

Power supply:

Input voltage: AC 100V~240V
Output voltage: AC 36V
Output power: 60W
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Output current: 2A
Power cord: 180cm


1. The water feature pool creates fog
2. Spinning
3. Tobacco
4. Mushroom
5. greenhouse flowers
6. Printed electronic
7. Enhancing the festive party atmosphere

Note for 3 Head Ultrasonic Humidifier:

1. Products must not be directly connected to 100V~220V
2. Power connection AC 36V use
3. Do not fix the water level sensor
4. The water must not contain corrosive or oily substances
5. Water must not be alkaline (such as soapy water)


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