XK-W1099 Temperature Humidity Controller




XK-W1099 Temperature Humidity Controller XK-W1099 Digital Thermostat Humidity Controller Incubator Temperature Humidity Controller 10A Direct Output Hygrometer Control.

With clear LED display for better readability.
Temperature and humidity control output
Very easy to set setting temperature and humidity
All parameters setting can be saved after short circuit.
Power output directly. Easy to connect.
What does a humidity controller do?
The Humidity Sensor measures the relative humidity inside the chamber. The Sensor output signal is then compared to the set point. If the humidity measured in the chamber exceeds the set point by more than 0.5% R.H. the Controller turns on the pump which then circulates the test chamber air through the desiccator.
How do I set humidity control?
Use your thermostat to control your home’s humidity.
  1. Adjust the temperature on the thermostat. …
  2. Set the thermostat to “Auto.” Using the auto setting on the thermostat lets the evaporator coils cool sufficiently
Power Supply:12VAC/DC,24VAC/DC,110V-220VAC
Temperature control range: 0~100°C
Humidity control range: 1~99%RH
Control accuracy: 1°C / 1%RH
Sensor: temperature humidity sensor
Output: Max 10A ,power output directly
Cutting size: 75(L)mm*55(W)mm M3 screw hole
Power consumption: Static current: ≤35MA,attract current: ≤65MA

Cooling mode:  start temperature ≥ stop temperature

Heating mode:  start temperature ≤ stop temperature

Dehumidification mode:  start humidity ≥ stop humidity

Humidification mode: start humidity ≥ stop humidity


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