TRONXY Tri-Color Coextrusion PLA Filament 1.75mm, Silk Shiny Red Yellow Blue


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TRONXY Tri-Color Coextrusion PLA Filament

Picture a special kind of filament that can add a bit of magic to your 3D prints, making them look fantastic with a shiny finish. Meet the TRONXY 3D Printer Filament in Tri-Color Coextrusion PLA – a mix of cool colors that can make your creations even better.

This filament isn’t like regular ones; it’s more like a canvas for your creativity. With a size of 1.75mm, it fits lots of 3D printers, so you can make your ideas real. The way it blends red, yellow, and blue colors together is really cool, making your prints look like they change color smoothly.

What makes this filament so special is its shiny finish, like silk. When your prints come out of the 3D printer, they shine like silky fabric. This touch of beauty adds a special look to your designs and makes them different from what others make.

But this filament is not just about looks. It’s also easy to use. PLA, which stands for polylactic acid, is a common material that’s easy to work with and better for the environment. You don’t need a hot printer bed to use this filament, which makes things simpler.

No matter if you’re just having fun, making art, or creating things, this filament is great for all of that. Make amazing models, cool trinkets, and things to decorate your place. The mix of colors makes every layer of your print look like a work of art on its own.

Try out TRONXY Tri-Color Coextrusion PLA Filament and see how it can make your prints look amazing. It’s not just a normal filament – it’s like a key to a world full of colors and shiny finishes. Make your prints stand out with this filament and enjoy seeing your ideas come to life in a burst of color and shine of 3d Printer Filament.


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