ESC 30A Speed Controller Hobbyking for Quadcopter in Pakistan


This esc with Bullet Connectors


High refresh rate, ESC 30A Speed Controller no temporary storage of input signal, resulting in more than 490Hz response rate.
16 KHz motor frequency, giving faster engine response, and quieter operation as well (not 8 KHz screech).

STANDARD 30A  SPEED CONTROLLER is specifically made for quad copters and multi rotors and provides faster and better motor speed control giving better flight performance compared to other available ESCs.

Function. An electronic speed control follows a speed reference signal (derived from a throttle lever, joystick, or other manual input) and varies the switching rate of a network of field effect transistors (FETs) . A brushed motor can have its speed controlled by varying the voltage on its armature.

The FPV Drone Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) on a drone is a hard-working, powerful component. The ESC connects the flight controller and the motor

ESC Specifications of ESC 30A Speed Controller:
Current Count: 30A
Current Burst: 35A
BEC Model: Linear mode
Output BEC: 5 V 2A
Li-ion / Li0poly: 2-3 S, Ni-MH / Ni-cd: 4-12NIMH
Size: 32 * 24 * 7mm

Packege Includes:
1 x 30A ESC


ESC 40A (2~6S) SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

BLHeli ESC 50A 2S-6S multirotor drone brushless speed control in Pakistan

Cheap Yellow esc good or bad, must watch before drone build Review:

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Without Bullet, with Bullet


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