Raspberry Pi Zero Case



Raspberry Pi Zero Case UPDATE 12/8/15 3pm et Version added for mounting screws. Includes threads for M2.5 and thicker stand-offs for stronger hold and secure mount.

UPDATE 12/3/15 5pm et The cutouts for USB ports and miniHDMI has been opened up (0.2mm on each side) to accommodate for cables with larger connectors. The recessed area has been removed. The cutout for the SD card has been reduced and removed from the cover part. The inner lip of the cover was reduced 0.1mm to accommodate for the tight tolerance.

This is a simple enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Zero Case. It’s a two piece design that features cutouts for the GPIO, microUSB, mini HDMI and microSD card. The Raspberry Pi Zero PCB snap fits into the enclosure with no need for machine screws. The cover also has a snap fit. Designed by Noe Ruiz. Check out the tutorial on YouTube.



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