Mini Solar panel 6V 1W 200mA DIY Robotic Projects



Solar Panel 6V 1W Polycrystalline silicon
Excellent weak light effect
High conversion rate, high efficiency output
Suitable for charging cellphone and small DC batteries
Build your DIY powered models, solar display , solar light and solar toys, etc

Solar panel DIY 6V 1W 200mA features:

  • Product Name: Epoxy solar panels
  • Operating current: 0.210 A
  • Operating voltage: 6V
  • Maximum power: 1W
  • Short circuit current: 0.210A
  • System voltage: 6V
  • – DIY Mobile Photovoltaic Charger
  • – Working Voltage: 6V
  • – Output Power: 1W
  • – Working current: max. 0.210 mA


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