IR Receiver Module



The KY-022 has three pins and responds to a carrier frequency of 38kHz at 940nm.  This signal is sent to the digital output.  An LED module on the board will flash if an IR signal is detected.

This sensor module is perfect for decoding remote controls for home audio/visual equipment (home theater) and other types of remote controls that use IR.

Tech Specs for the KY-022 Infrared Sensor:

  • Chip type: VS1838B
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Current Consumption: 1.5mA peak
  • Reception distance: 17m
  • Carrier Frequency: 38kHz
  • Infrared Wavelength: 940 nm
  • Pulse Duration: 400µs to 800µs
  • Dimensions: .87in X .35in (22mm x 9mm)


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