Clip Adapter USB Programmer EEPROM BIOS CH341A SOIC8 Clip


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  • Eradicating speed is most likely 2-3 Mbit check each moment.
  • This unit is Suitable for beginner developers of 24 and 25 arrangement FLASH.
  • The software engineer utilizes the extraordinarily delivered CH341A usb chip usb/usb1.1 comms.
  • Writing computer programs is quicker than normal ATMEGA8 25 Series Programmer upto 2-3 times quicker clip adapter.
  • Usage: TV set memory , work area motherboard, LCD ,scratch pad switch , card , DVD , set-top boxes ,opening programming , reinforcement, eradicating, copying, checking,repair and so forth.
  • Bundle included:1 x SOIC8 SOP8 Flash Chip IC Test Clip attachment connector BIOS/24/25/93 Programmer


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