Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter Foldable 3-Axis Frame



Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter Foldable 3-Axis

FrameFeatures of Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter :

  •  The real Y3 frame, the tail motor vector deflection. Just need a small  piece of board (included), immediately turned into a Y4 Y6 rack.
  •  The frame of the front axle can be folded. After folding is small in  size, convenient to take out a fly,
    Three axis frame by CNC cutting and high strength glass fiber material,  easy maintenance, flight cost is low.
  •  Compatibility strong fiber machine, suitable for all 22 series motor.
  •  Y3 mode, the motor can choose tops or bottoms, each have a bit more  beautiful. The pictures in list is installed Y3 mode outfield flight  when taking pictures.
  •  Folding design,Tricopter Foldable 3-Axis Frame simple operation frame compatibility strong, suitable  for Y3 Y4 Y6 flying mode.
  •  Front axle type fold back into a bow and arrow (triangle), T, Y type,  can fly, just use battery to adjust within three tension.
  •  Center plate has been integrated the original circuit. No need to buy  electric line board.
  •  This rack is equipped with a pack of spare parts, with screws.

Package Included Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter Foldable :

– 1 x HLG Dragonfly Y3 Tricopter Y6 Hexacopter Y4 DIY Folding Glass Fiber Frame Kit

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