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DIY Dremel CNC Simple, inexpensive, and easy to build CNC machine – my main assumptions while designing this project. It turned out great and is very popular (build on 6 continents, still waiting for Antarctica). I am really proud of this one 🙂 If you need more info check out those links:

Dremel CNC parts list:
New spindle:
Spindle holder:
Facebook group:

You can also check out my new bigger CNC project:

All of my videos about this project:



I added the 500W spindle holder and holder for its power supply, looks like I forgot to add it here previously. It’s been a long time but maybe someone will find it useful 🙂

I changed some STL files, fixed naming of them.
x axis carriage right was changed, I made the cavity for stepper smaller so that there is more working area.
Small changes to the spindle carriage including smaller holes for bearings so that they are not loose.
I also uploaded .step and .iges files. I deleted old STL files from Thingiverse to keep it cleaner. All of the old files can be found in


                          ELECRTONICS ITEMS

Parts Name Quantity
Stepper Motors 4
CNC Shield 1
Stepper Drivers 4
Arduino 1
Power Supply 1
DC Connector 1
Jumpers 14
Dremel 3000 1
300W Spindle 1

                               MACHANICAL PARTS

Parts name Quantity
Aluminium profiles 20x20mm 600mm long 2
Aluminium profiles 20x20mm 300mm long 5
12mm rod 310mm 2
12mm rod 530mm 2
12mm rod 140mm 2
Lead screw 500mm 2
Lead screw 280mm 1
Lead screw 120mm 1
12mm linear bearing 12
608zz bearing 4
5 to 8mm coupler 4
T nut M5 34
M6 x 25mm screws 4
M5 x 10mm screws 34
M5 x 16mm screws 10
M3 x 20mm screws 8
M3 x 12mm screws 32

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