DC 5-15V 18A Motor Speed controller PWM

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The Dc speed controller 18A board voltage range: DC5V-18V Pulse-width modulation, or pulse-duration modulation, is a method of reducing the average power delivered by an electrical signal, by effectively chopping it up into discrete parts. The average value of voltage fed to the load is controlled by turning the switch between supply and load on and off at a fast rate.

The longer the switch is on compared to the off periods, the higher the total power supplied to the load. Along with maximum power point tracking (MPPT),  it is one of the primary methods of reducing the output of solar panels to that which can be utilized by a battery.

The PWM switching frequency has to be high enough not to affect the load, which is to say that the resultant waveform perceived by the load must be as smooth as possible.

For example, switching has to be done several times a minute in an electric stove; 120 Hz in a lamp dimmer; between a few kilohertz (kHz) and tens of kHz for a motor drive; and well into the tens or hundreds of kHz in audio amplifiers and computer power supplies.

The rate (or frequency) at which the power supply must switch can vary greatly depending on load and application.

DC 5 to 15V 18A motor speed controller PWM

Speed control board has a power supply voltage reverse polarity protection,
Speed control board with slow start function, within 2 seconds to the motor can get full speed,

Rated current 12A, short current 15A. it can provide the power on 5 V 60W , 6V 70W, 9V  110W, 12V 150W, 15V 180W with and 18V200W.

PWM output range: 0 % -100% , the motor can be fully controlled and get the highest speed operation.


Frequency: 13kz

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    DC Motor Spees Controller (5 Volt ~18 Volt)
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