DAZHENG PS-605D DC Power Supply 3 Digit 0V-60V & 0A-5A


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DAZHENG PS-605D DC Power Supply 3 Digit 0V-60V & 0A-5A
The power supply is widely used in pcb repair, communications, power electronics, research, electroplating, water treatment, battery charging, product aging equipment. Design of low ripple, high efficiency, small size and light weight. Full range tracking load more accurate overvoltage protection. All components imported components of industrial grade, circuit design optimization is reasonable, strict production process improvement, to ensure the reliability and stability of the machine. input voltage range. Adjustable output voltage continuously combined value of 0V ~ ratings.


Manufacturer: Dazheng
Model: PS-605D
Voltage: 0 ~ 60V
Electric Current: (Amps) 0 ~ 5A
Display Digital: (Demonstration Voltage/Electric Current)
Overheat Protection: Yes
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Automatic Cooling Fan: Yes
Fixed Working Conditions
Supply Voltage: AC ~240V / 50Hz
Working Condition Temperature: -10~40°C Relative humidity <90%
Storage Condition Temperature: -20~80°C Relative humidity <80%
Constant Voltage Active Status
Output Voltage: 0 to nominal value (continuously adjustable)
Voltage Stability: Power source stability: <0.01% +2mV
Load stability: <0.01% +2mV
Time Restore: 100uS
Ripple and Noise: <1m VRMS (effective)
Temperature Coefficient: <300PPM/°C
Constant Flow Active Status
Output Current: 0 arrive to between nominal value (adjustable)
Power Source Stability: <0.2% +3mA
Load Stability: <0.2% +3mA
Ripple and Noise: <3mARMS (effective)
Weight & Dimensions
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 275mm x 128mm x 162mm
Weight: 4.4kg
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