CNC 3040 4 Axis Milling engraving router



  1. Can be used as 3 axis and 4 axis used as 3D Curving
  2. Processing Time 4 To 5 Days.
  3. Only advance payment.
  4. China Totally Imported machine.


The CNC 3040 4 axis  Can easily used as 3 axis also Z-DQ Easily produce name badges, equipment tags, small signs, plaques and awards, gift items, pet tags,ID tags, electrical tags, military name tags, desk plates, or mark industrial parts and 3d engraving.
Whether you are a startup business, or a model enthusiasts, or looking to add a machine to supplement the capacity of an existing operation, the 3040 Z-DQ is a great fit.
We look forward, 4 axis 3040 Z-DQ will become your good helper
More Precise Stepping Motor
The engraving process is visible as controlled by computer
Simple operation and installation
add the 4th rotation axis, for 3d carving work.


Technical Parameters:

  • CNC 3040 Z-DQ 4axis engraving machine part parameters:
  • Machine Dimensions:
  • 615X485X390mm
  • Rack material:
  • 6061 and 6063 Hard aluminum alloy
  • (The unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles, Let counterfeiters dwarfs.)
  • Engraving area:
  • 400X300mm
  • Z-Axis Stroke:
  • 55mm, Engraving depth depends on the length of the tool edge
  • Acceptable material thickness:=70mm
    Rail type:
  • Chromeplate shaft+Linear Bearings,(Surface hardening 61HRC)
    Type of screw:
  • Ball screw,Pitch 4mm
    Spindle motor:
  • 230W/11000r/min(Very small noise)
    Collet type:
  • ER11,1/8″(3.175mm) Collet
    Stepper motor and drive:
  • two-phase hybrid stepping motor , 1.8A/PHASE,, 8 segments drive.
    Maximum operating speed:
  • 4000mm/min (Engraving speed :300-3000mm/min)
    Repeat positioning Accuracy:
  • 0.04mm
    Communication interface:
  • Parallel port
    Software Compatability:
  • Mach3/Emc2/Kcam, (Type3,Wentai, ArtCAM,coppercam)
    Command code:
  • G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt
    Machine weight:
  • 28kg

    Rotation Axis (4th Axis)

    Chuck Size:

  • 65mm self-centering chuck
    Center height:
  • H = 55mm
    Clamping diameter:
  • 65mm or less
    Deceleration mode:
  • synchronous wheel / belt
    Deceleration ratio:
  • 3:1
    Stepper motor:
  • 57 type / 1.5A
    Stepper Drive:
  • T65-axis drive
    Positioning accuracy:
  • 0.075 °


  • Packing list OF CNC 3040 4 axis:

  1. 1× CNC 3040 Engraving machine
  2. 1× Control box
  3. 1× Parallel port cable 25pin
  4. 1× Power cable
  5. 1× Tool box and tools
  6. 3× Axis motors
  7. 1× Rotation axis
  8. 1× tool auto-checking instrument
  9. 1× CD of manual and software MACH3

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