Aluminum 5mm to 8mm Shaft Coupler



5mm to 8mm Shaft Coupler That means that you won’t get increased backlash – so they’re suitable for precision CNC work. This coupler will connect a 5mm diameter shaft to an 8mm diameter shaft. A perfect add on for our stepper motors. Comes with two sets of double set-screws (two per side) for secure attachment.

What is the function of a coupling between two shafts?
The basic function of all couplings is to transmit power, accommodate misalignment and compensate for axial movement (end movement of shafts). Sometimes, a coupling is asked to absorb shock or vibration. Selecting the right coupling depends on four basic conditions of shaft misalignment or movement.
What are different types of coupling?
Examples of material flexing couplings are jaw, sleeve, tire, disc, grid and diaphragm couplings.
  • – Jaw Couplings.
  • – Sleeve Coupling.
  • – Tire Coupling.
  • – Disc Coupling.
  • – Diaphragm Coupling.
  • – Gear Couplings.
  • – Grid Couplings.
  • – Roller Chain Coupling.

aluminum coupling 5 to 8 cylindrical shaft rod coupling connection sleeve

The spot provides 5-8 copper coupling ship model car motor connector
Name: 5-8copper cylindrical coupling
length: 25 mm
diameter: 10 mm
single weight: 12 g
top wire screw: M4
aperture 5 0.025, 8 0.025



8mm OR 10mm Flexible Coupler of Stepper Motor for CNC, 3D Printer


0.6-6mm 775 Motor Drill Chuck Connecting Rod for 775 Motor


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