5MM Multi-Colored Depron foam board Sheet 28x40inch in Pakistan

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What is Depron used for?
Depron foam board Sheet is water repellent – and therefore does not rot or go mouldy. In addition the sheets have a sound insulating effect, which makes the floor “quieter” to walk on. The insulation sheets are easily laid between the sub floor and the floor heating element.
The characteristics of the two products are very similar, Aerofoam Board having more elasticity and ability to bend, so being slightly less rigid than Depron. Like Depron, Aerofoam Board is a pure polystyrene board, not a Foam Core Board.

High quality Foam board both sided laminated with PVC to make strong… its bendable foam board very easy to use for making rc planes jets etc you can make your own rc plane rc jet with it.

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It’s water proof.

Depron foam board Sheet is a brand name for Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) closed cell foam in sheet form, it is a fantastic medium for building model aircraft rc plane , as well as model boats and prototype design.

XPS foam is stronger than traditional EPS Themocoland can be further strengthened with carbon fiber or wood strips.

Its laminated with strong pvc material on both sided.(Kindly note its not kagaz ordinary paper pasted foam board) Its light and strong just 200 gram weight for 40×28 INCHES sheets Strength to weight ratio and rigidity is perfect for RC airplanes Easy to cut with precision by knife Easily sandaled Sheets are flat and have a smooth finish.

Technical Specification:

Color : white, blue, black, yellow, Green

Length: (40x28inches)

Weight sheet :200gram only Wide. : 600mm Thikness: 5mm


if u need sample we can provide free. For deliver these are very big size sheets. courier companies charge its shipping by volumetrically(measurement) also have specials handling so its shipping charges are different than other items.


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  1. Ali Hamza

    Ali H. (verified owner)

    very high quality depron sheet

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