Humidifier Due to Ultrasonic Mist Machine with 24V ADAPTER

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The atomizer is widely used, incubators, feeding animals, can be combined with rockery, bonsai, etc. For use with crafts, plastic pots can also be used at home, wash basins and other common container, producing fantastic spray humidification effects for indoor and outdoor gardening pond, aquarium crafts, decorative vases and other arts bring new vitality.


New 12 led humidifier

Inout: AC100-240V 50/60 hz 1a

Output: DC24V 1A

Raing Volage: 24 V AC / DC

Current rating: 0.4-0.6a

Ceramic Membrane Size: 16 / 20mm

Run out of water: 300 ml / h

Limited temperaure: 0-40 degrees celsius

Ceramic membrane life:> 3000 hours

Flashlight: circular 12 led color

Features: Stop automatically if work without water

Weight: 200g

Atomizing Main Diameter: 45mm, High: 27mm

Packing: 1 x Humidifier + 24V Adapter


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