4W 9V DIY Solar Panel 5V USB DC Output Power Bank



5V USB Solar Power Bank Practical 4W 9V DIY Solar Panel 5V USB DC Input+Output Charger Charging Portable Power Bank Pad Universal For iPhone Huawei Charger Parallelable

Ring binder spring and eyelets for 2pcs-Connecting in parallel.

5V USB Output for 5V device charging.

Main Features 5V USB Solar Power Bank:

Polycrystallinesolar Cell with efficientup to 19%.

1200mAhstandard USB, can full-charge an iX in4hin max power.

7 layers PET+2xEVA+Cell+2xEVA+PETlaminated


Built-in diode to prevent reverse discharge

IP65 waterproof, durable even in harsh environment.

Free2x Carabiners, convenient to mount on the 4x eyelets.

Free 4x Suckers, convenient to mount on vehicles or windows.


Cells: Monocrystalline

Pmax: 4W

Vmax: 9V

Ipmax: 1.5A

DC interface standard: DC5.5×2.1

Max USB Regulator Output:5V1200ma

Max DC5.5×2.1 Regulator Output:12V1000ma

Sizeof Panel: 420x190x3mm

Sizeof Package: 450x200x30mm

Net Weight: 280G

Gross Weight: 480G

Tips for DC Input &Output:

You can connect 2pcs (or above) of panel to run them in parallel.

For example, Connect Input of panel A to the Output of of panel B to get double power.

There is certain line loss due to the DC&USB regulator, please know.

2pcs connected =40W (Actually 35W)

3pcs connected =60W (Actually 50W)

4pcs connected =80W (Actually 65W)

5pcs connected =100W (Actually 80W)

Please don`t connect them with over 10pcs or it may burn the circuit.

Package Include:

2x Panel

2x Carabiner

4x Sucker

3x Ring Binder Spring (For Connect 2 Pcs Panel)


Don`t connect the input &outputof the samepanel itself or it will cause SHORT CIRCUIT!

Keep it awayfromstrongcorrosiveobjects!

Don`t havehardobjectsscratchthe surface!

Don`t bend it over 10°coz it`s small size though it`s flexible!


Actual Images


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